Best Day Trips from Boracay

Best Day Trips from Boracay

Best Day Trips from Boracay

Boracay, one of those cute little isles and Philippines’s most visited destination, after getting subjected to exploitive development now witnesses a sudden surge of tourists. Asia’s premium holiday spot, the island’s famous White Beach is the centre where all the action happens, a 4km picture perfect beach which seems it jumped straight out of wallpaper except with lots of tourists. Lined with restaurants, dive shops, bars, and souvenir shops on one hand along with a long stretch of white sandy beach overlooking the azure water as far as the eye can see, this region lets you indulge in ultimate debauchery! After witnessing the mesmerising sunset, pulsating music breaks out and comes out the fire dancers and other entertainers to delight the tourists. Known for its wild party atmosphere, it is a perfect spot for young travellers!

Surprisingly, the periphery of Boracay is as magnificent as the isle itself! Surrounding the stunning island are other untouched and less crowded islands and provinces which are sublime for partaking in adventure activities or exploring their native culture. All you need to do is carry your sun block and head to the nearest port and rent a boat. Following are some of the peaceful and mesmerising destinations which will make for worthwhile day trips.

1. Carabao Island

Carabao Island, also known as Hambil, is a hidden paradise located in San Jose. The gorgeous isle is often compared to Boracay in terms of its pristine white sandy beaches, and clear turquoise waters. Fortunately, it isn’t anything like Boracay when it comes to being overcrowded or an insanely out of hand and wild party destination. An emerging tourist spot, the islet offers a quiet and tranquil environment perfect for taking a break from the bustling touristy kinds. Be a beach bum and spend a lazy day here doing nothing on Hambil Beach, or if you are feeling a little adventurous, visit Kuding Kuding Point- a paradise for cliff divers. There is also a small cave with a natural swimming pool inside it. Explore the archipelago by renting a motorbike and riding it around. If you enjoy simple pleasures of life then it is an ideal destination. From Boracay it will hardly take 40-45 minutes to reach here. All you need to do is ride a chartered boat that makes frequent trips to Carbao.

2. Crocodile Island

A popular spot for diving, Crocodile Island is a tiny inhabited island. The island earned its name for its shape which lightly resembles like a head of this creepy reptile. It is famed for being the best area for snorkelling and diving in all of Philippines, due to the impressive marine life it hosts. From colourful coral to shoals of fish, the wonderful life under the sea here is a sight to behold! The shallow waters around the island are perfect for these activities. However, sometimes the current is too strong so make sure to always heed advice of your tour guide. Crocodile Island is just a stone’s throw away from Boracay and the commute only takes 15 minutes with a rented boat from the White Beach in Boracay.

3. Crystal Cove

A trip to Boracay is incomplete if you didn’t visit Crystal Cove. A popular destination for both locals and tourists, Crystal Cove is a small beautiful island famous for its two coves. An adventurous experience where you can explore the two ancient caves which has natural swimming pools residing in them. While the first cave is easy to reach, the second one is little complex where you have to crawl through a small tunnel to reach, but it is quite worthwhile with a bigger swimming pool. Apart from this, the pristine surroundings and clear waters are perfect for snorkelling or kayaking. You can also enjoy a picnic with your friends and family with the island’s lush surroundings and the ceaseless ocean as a backdrop. Thid well preserved island also hosts a museum and aviary. Just 20 minutes away from Boracay, it is extremely convenient to travel to Crystal Cove. All you need to do is get in a boat or Bangka from Boracay.

4. Magic Island

Situated near the south of Crystal Clove Island, Magic Island is easily accessible and makes for a pleasant day trip. The isle’s geographical location, crystal blue waters, and proper safety arrangements make it the most preferred destination for adventure sports. The tiny isle is a quite well known for cliff diving, with 5 different platforms according to height from where you can dive off and a safety team that ensures your return to the shore. Other than that, there are option like snorkelling and sea kayaking. This peaceful island also has a bar and a restaurant to cater to your needs. Just 600 metres from Boracay, you can easily reach here by joining various tour operators or hire a boat on your own from any beach in Boracay.

5. Puka Island

Also known as Yapak Islands, it is the most popular day trip from Boracay. Generally, those who love to indulge in island hopping make their first stop here. It earned its name because of the famous Puka Shells that are found here. Ideal for spending a relaxing day and getting tanned, Puka doesn’t have much to offer except a serene and peaceful environment that is largely missing in Boracay. Perfect for swimmers, water here is clearer and less polluted. The perfect time to come here is in early morning and spending the rest of the day so you can also enjoy its mesmerising sunset! Puka Island is not that far from Boracay and you can reach here through trikes, tricycles as well as numerous boat tours going there frequently.

6. Ariel Point

Located 45 minutes from Boracay, Ariel Point is an ideal day trip for adventure junkies out there. This eco-friendly haven is world famous for its cliff diving; you can dive from whooping 15 metres! In addition to this, you can also kayak on its quiet shorelines or maybe snorkel in its crystal blue waters. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or a nature lover, Ariel Point is a Pandora’s Box for all kinds of travelling pants. You can rent a boat from White Beach in Boracay and get there in less than 45 minutes.

Please note that Philippines government has closed Boracay for tourism for 6 months starting from April’18, in an attempt to rehabilitate its natural environment.

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