Best Day trips from Bogota

Best Day Trips from Bogota

Best Day trips from Bogota

The largest city in Colombia, Bogota is a vibrant and energetic one, nestled in the Andean peaks. Its diversity and multicultural values make it a melting pot for all people around the globe, above all, young travellers. The unique blend of colonial and modern architecture renders the city a picturesque, rich in heritage kind of quality. La Candelaria, its cultural epicentre and the downtown business district, is also a tourist’s favourite, boasting excellent history, cobbled lanes, and many of Bogota’s traditional attractions. Above all this, the city also has a thriving music scene and hosts more than 60 annual music festivals! These are few reasons that make it an alluring city and a must visit. While Bogota has many attractions to offer, you can’t help but notice the looming mountains all around the city. So, if you are bored of being in the concrete walls, then luckily for you, Bogota has some of the best options for one day excursions. Here, you can visit waterfalls, colonial villages, salt mines, mountain tracks and much more! Following is the list of Best Day trips you can make from Bogota to relax and take a break from city life:

1. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquiro

An underground Roman Catholic Church, this Cathedral is the country’s most unique attraction, gaining the accolade of the first wonder of Columbia for all the right reasons! Carved meticulously by removing the salt in this extensive old salt mine and completely transforming the space in a stunning underground catholic church, it represents a comprehensive mix of architecture, religion, and engineering. Another reason contributing in its beauty is the mirrors of water that were once full of brine water (where the salt was saturated). It illuminates the surroundings when light is reflected on the water by creating an optical effect of swimming in an underground cave! Also described as “Jewel of Modern Architecture”, Salt Cathedral is an important symbol of religion and culture for people of Colombia. Situated 42 km away from Bogota, it is fairly easy to travel here. You can take a bus to reach here in about 2 hours depending on traffic, or you can rent a car which is although more expensive, but at the same time reliable and time saving.

2. Lake Guatavita

This stunning circular lake in between of verdant fields is located a couple of hours away from Bogota. The ancient and sacred lake is famous mostly for the legend of El Dorado which originated here. According to the legend, the lake has a hidden golden treasure that was thrown in by Muiscas tribe as a symbol of adoration to their gods, along with which the new chief also jumped in the river covered in gold dust. Despite the fact that no gold was found here, tourists still prefer to believe in the fable and travel here to experience the most popular day trip from Bogota. The whole aura of this region offers a sense of calm and tranquillity to its visitors, and a perfect opportunity to revel in the beautiful landscapes of the country. The easiest way to reach there is by taxi that take about an hour, but if you seek some cash saving and don’t mind a lengthened travel time, the cheapest way to reach would be via bus

3. La Chorrera Waterfall

The highest waterfall in Columbia is a hidden gem located only an hour away from Bogota. Most perfect for keen hikers, a part of the journey involves hiking through the cloud forests to the other side of Bogota’s mountains. The hiking trail is quite well marked and also has a restaurant and snack shop in between. From there, it takes only 10 minutes to reach the waterfall. The view from the top is breathtaking and the waterfalls falling from the high misty mountains are sure to leave you slack-jawed! Walk through the waters and discover what lies behind; it is amazing to see how these mountains can curtail the development in Bogota and covers the whole valley with lush green forests and beautiful waterfalls! Regular buses run from Bogota to La Chorrera or alternatively, there is always an option of renting a taxi or Uber.

4. Chingaza National Park

The biggest natural reserve in Colombia, Chingaza National Park is an embodiment of beautiful landscapes and buoyant nature. The region’s most bio diverse spot, it hosts more than 1000 species of plants and 187 species of birds, making it a popular destination for bird watching. Chingaza has a delicate paramo environment, a type of treeless plateau which is found exclusively in South America, and is responsible for providing drinking water in Bogota. It also has a couple of hiking trails that are absolutely loved by the outdoor enthusiasts, especially the one which leads to Siecha lakes. The flora and fauna continue to amaze any nature enthusiast visiting this area. There is also an option for trout fishing near the campsite with prior permission from Park authorities. The best way to reach here is to hire a taxi or contact a tour company as there are no direct buses to the park. However, you may take one till Guasca and ask the driver to drop you at the entry of the park from where you can walk or maybe hitch a ride.

5. Fusagasuga

Fusagasuga, the area that makes Columbia famous for supplying some of the best coffee in the world, is in close proximity to the main city of Bogota. The year-round warm and pleasant weather makes Fusagasuga the perfect place to produce coffee and is packed with rich aroma and flavour. There are quite a few plantations where they show you the production and process of making this world favourite beverage. At the plantations, you can learn about a wide variety of crops, their colours, and the different size of coffee beans. Learn about the whole process from planting the beans to harvesting and roasting them. Sample the new roasts and know the history of coffee here. The easiest way to reach here is by hiring a taxi and reaching here in less than 2 hours.