Best Day trips from Berlin

Best Day Trips from Berlin

Day tours from Berlin

A perfect combination of glamour and grit enough to mesmerise everyone, Berlin is known for its cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, intense parties and tangible history. Being the party paradise every bacchanal dreams about, Berlin is a city that truly never sleeps. From tiny basement clubs to industrial techno temples, chestnut-canopied beer gardens to hundreds of galleries, events, and museums, the city has it all. And besides being a blessed tourist destination itself, Berlin, thanks to its premier location, serves as s good base to explore Germany. So for the people looking to branch out into day trips, we have for you some of the best day trips from Berlin that are both easy to reach and worth your time:

Potsdam, best place to visit for a one day trip from Berlin
1. Potsdam

Located near the border of the capital, Potsdam was the royal residence of the Kaiser and the Prussian kings until 1918. A labyrinth of interconnected lakes, landmarks and palaces are the main attraction in this city. The original portion was a one-story rococo, and is now complete with enlarging renovations, adjoining parks, formal gardens and larger "New Palace" adding to the grandeur. Located at a distance of 35kms, the average train duration is 25-30 minutes. Other options for day trip from Berlin include buses that take about half an hour and car ride getting you to Potsdam in less than an hour.

2. Dresden

Known as the “Florence on the Elbe”, before being severely damaged from World War II bombing, Dresden is today known for its lavish collection of stunning art and architecture, after retaining its former glory. With every turn you take, you will witness a new interesting landmark with a great story to tell. With a famous old town containing a number of historic sites like Frauenkirche Cathedral, this place is a must visit historical destination. Located at a distance of 165kms, an average train ride takes 2h 15 min. Other options for a day tour from Berlin include bus travel of 3 hours and cab or car travel of 2-2.5 hours.

Dresden, best destination for a day trip from Berlin
Spreewald one of the recommended places for day trip from Berlin
3. Spreewald

A picturesque state of Brandenburg in the east of Germany, Spreewald is a protected UNESCO biosphere since 1991. One of the elemental features of the area is a large patchwork of irrigation channels that have turned into a network of canals, making boats a viable option of exploration. A large portion of the island is uninhabited, serving as an important place to several endangered species of plants and animals. So if the tribal life and nature is on your list, Spreewald is a must visit place. With 40 trains mediating between the two cities daily, the average time to reach Spreewald is a little over an hour. Another option of commutation is driving that costs you 1hr 15min.

4. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

One of the primary concentration camps in Third Reich, this was the location where officers would be trained before being sent further afield. A trip here would give you an actual insight of what the prisoners had to endure as living conditions during their internment. In 2012, the camp was open to the public as a museum and memorial with several tours. An offbeat destination for a day trip, this Concentration Camp draws thousands of tourists every year. One of the most preferred modes of transport is taking a bus that takes you barely an hour of journey. Another option can be renting a cab or driving the way through to reach the place in approximately one hour each for a day trip from Berlin

Sachsenhausen Concentration is the recommended place to visit for a day trip from Berlin
Gorlitz, the best place to visit for a day trip from Berlin
5. Görlitz

The easternmost town of Germany, Görlitz, is one of those fairytale towns that jump right out of your kids’ storybooks and is unarguably the most picturesque German town in Europe. Maintaining its medieval charm and authentic glamour, abounding with its 13th-century walls and imposing Kaisertrutz tower, this place plays as one of the must visit destinations for a day trip from Berlin. An eminent Hollywood spot for the shooting of films like ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, ‘The Book Thief’ and ‘The Reader’, this place is one your experience won’t be complete without. Located at a distance of 281km, for a day tour from Berlin, driving to the place take around 3 hours, riding a bus taking about 3 and a half hours, and trains taking 4 hours for the distance.

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