Best Day Trips from Belfast

Best Day Trips from Belfast

Best Day Trips from Belfast

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, has transformed exceptionally into a brand new classic city from the wounds of bullets and battles. The city is on the top of the travel bucket list due to its mouth-watering cuisines, musical pubs, art and architecture, newly popping attractions, and much more. But amidst the light of Belfast, there are other gems of Northern Ireland which shine brightly and many of them became the setting of televised epic ‘Game of Thrones'.

Belfast gives easy access to these places and offers you great day trips. So here is the list of the best day trips from Belfast:

1. Giant's Causeway

See the place and you will start believing the myths! The vast expanse of closely knitted hexagonal stone columns of Giant's Causeway isn't the usual natural feature rather it looks like a deed of giants, as believed by ancients! The only UNESCO world heritage site of Northern Ireland, Giant's Causeway doesn't disappoint visitors with the beauty and spectacular views. Just pitch into the Giant's Causeway visitor center to listen to the legendary tales associated with the place. While up here, hop on the layered rock formation, explore the hills surrounded, wonder about nature's geological puzzles and sit to see the sky changing its colors. Being a major attraction the place can get crowded sometimes! Giant's Causeway is 1hour 15minutes ride away from Belfast. Car for rents and taxi for hiring are easily available for the journey.

2. Dublin

The best day trip that can be arranged from Belfast is towards the small and sweet town of Ireland, Dublin. The town is well reputed and fascinated due to its heritage and nightlife. With the splendid architecture, massive castles and sacred cathedrals, Dublin is a live museum of past to its visitors. Buzzing with the pool of students the city has intoxicating pubs and nightlife. While in here tour to Guinness storehouse, explore the Dublin castle, visit the Trinity College and roam around Kilmainham Gaol. Being the small one Dublin can be visited on the foot with the beer from Temple Bar in one hand! Dublin takes 1hour 50minutes to reach from Belfast via train, bus, shuttle or drive and to reach in minimum time, go for a self-drive or bus.

3. Ballycastle

The eastern end of the Causeway coast is marked with the harbor city of Ballycastle. The town offers you to hop on the little island of Carrickarede by passing the famous Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge; explore the white-headed limestone Kinbane Castle for some ruins of past; stroll along the promenade of serene Ballycastle Beach; make the trip more thrilling with mountain climbing at Fair Head or Benmore for some amazing views; and picnic at Larrybane Quarry with the murmuring of water and scenic views. The town is just like a framed photograph! The destination is 1 hour 10 minutes away from Belfast by bus or car. You can also take a train to Ballymena and then catch a bus to continue up further.

4. Dunluce castled

The iconic monument of Ireland, Dunluce castle has witnessed the horrifying history and therefore becomes the must-visit day trip from Belfast. Standing on the cliffs along the route of Causeway Coast, Dunluce castle is full of historic tales which the guide can narrate you while taking the tour. While lost in the labyrinths of the castle, don't forget to stop at the Dunluce welcome center for the warm welcome. It takes 1hour 20minutes from Belfast to reach Dunluce Castle via train, bus or drive. Car for rents and buses are easily available in Belfast.

5. Castlewellan

Surrounded by the mountains and sea, Castlewellan is a perfect dramatic setting for nature lovers. The town has numerous highlights to become one of the best day trips from Belfast. To have an enriching experience of nature's offerings, Castlewellan is the best day trip from Belfast. There are certain attractions which include the Castlewellan forest park; the peace maze; Tollymore forest park, the game of thrones venue; the peak of Slieve Donard; and mountain bike trail for some adventure. Belfast and Castlewellan are connected to each other via bus, taxi or car which takes around 40 minutes to reach either way.

6. Endelave

If you are looking for some peace and quiet surroundings, then Endelave is your calling. Being the hub of wildlife, Endelave houses a large population of Seals and other reef animals. This untouched destination of Denmark welcomes tourists to its beach, meadows and oak forest. From Aarhus, you can head towards Endelave either in train or taxi. It takes 2 hours 20 minutes to reach the destination.

The Causeway coast route and other towns of Northern Ireland are worth seeing for their timeless beauty. So Belfast can't get any better as it offers great vacation in and out the vicinity of the city. All you have to do is just show up!

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