Best Day trips from Beijing

Best Day Trips from Beijing

Best Day trips from Beijing

Beijing, one of the most populous cities across the planet, doesn’t lack in any sense when it comes to attracting tourists from across borders. From mountainous figurines and statues to serene lakes, the capital of China has it all. Flaunting umpteen art galleries and museums leaving the onlookers in wonder, it supports a big section of the Great Wall of China, thereby making it a major tourist hotspot. This city is the perfect rendezvous between modern and traditional era, with its ancient collection of relics ageing back to millions of years. The mere fragrance of pastries and Peking Duck makes the most sophisticated of people drool here in Beijing. From cuisines to sightseeing, this gargantuan Chinese city is a spectacle in its own way. It’s well worth in spending a day at least to explore the city’s majestic surroundings. So all you travel bugs, get your hopes high as you are to be utterly thrilled visiting the following places:

1. Marco Polo Bridge

Located at a distance of mere 15 kilometresto the southwest of Beijing, the bridge stands tall due to its majestic design and construction. The beautiful waters of the Yongding River run quietly under it. Being heavily decorated with lion sculptures paying an unofficial tribute to the bravery of Chinese soldiers against the Japanese troops, Marco Polo stretches out to a length of 267 m. You can take the G4 expressway to get to the bridge that would take about 30 minutes to reach, depending upon the traffic. Subway lovers are well lucked too as many trains run to the bridge from Wangfujing station.

2. Fragrant Hills

Fragrant Hills is the place to be when it comes to hitch hiking. Located at only about 25 kilometres northwest of Beijing, it is the perfect escape route from Beijing’s bustling life and concrete jungles. People flock here to get a panoramic view of the city and nonetheless spend quality time with the family. Outlined with huge variants of maple trees, smoke trees and persimmon trees, this park places you right in the lap of Mother Nature. Dawned by the beautiful Tibetan styled Bright Temple, the majesty is just soothing to the eyes. The fastest way to get to the park is hitting the road via the S50 expressway. One may also take subway from Wangfujing or Qianmen.

3. Summer Palace

Spread over a long stretch of 716 acres, this lakeside palace is one to watch out for. One may find many rare builds all around the lake, since the palace’s conversion into Imperial Gardens. Once a fortress of the Qing dynasty, it is the best place to capture shots of the Great Theatre, where the meetings between the throne and audiences were carried out. The night sky adds even more charm to the palace when the lights go on and marble walls shine like shimmering diamond. The best and the most exciting way of getting to this place is by taking a boat ride via the Beijing Zoo. Stay is also offered in nearby hotels, so if you feel it difficult to leave the palace you can glance at it all night from your hotel room. You can easily reach the destination after an hour’s journey via the Beijing subways.

4. The Caves of Zhoukoudian and Peking Man

This world heritage site is located 43 kilometres to the southwest of Beijing. People in love with the archaeological doctor Indiana Jones, will find it as their second home. Since the excavations of Homo erectus skull, a lot has been discovered. People find it interesting to see the evolution of man in front of their eyes, from making fire to even using tools through displays. The best way to get here from Beijing is an hour long road trip.

5. Tanzhe Temple

Located at about 34 kilometres to the west of Beijing this spectacle of a temple has the perfect mountain setting. One of the best day trips spots in China, it has a series of visitable places such as the Mountain Gate and Hall of Kings of Heaven. Visiting the monastery gives a peculiar peace to the heart and makes one forget everything else. The quickest and cheapest way to get here from Beijing is by taking a cab that gets you there in less than an hour.

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