Best Day trips from Bath

4 Best Day Trips From Bath

Best Day trips from Bath

Though England is littered with beautiful cities with beauty both in terms of architecture and culture, but there are very few that can manage to hold a candle to Bath. The perfect confluence of Georgian and Roman lineages, Bath is home to country's grandest Georgian architecture along with the best preserved Roman bathhouses in the world. Featuring a beautiful historical wealth, this slinky, sophisticated and snooty city, founded on top of natural hot springs, has been a honeycomb to tourists since over 2000 years. However, the trip of England can't be just limited to the boundaries of Bath. Here is an index to some of the best day trips you can plan from Bath:

1. Bristol

If we have to find a city in Britain on the rise as of the present time, Bristol would be perfect for the title. Though initially Bristol was a heavy industry place, the recent years have seen development as the city has reinvented itself, earning the title of the hub of creativity and culture. Renowned for its offbeat character, you will find a profusion of art collectives, cafes run by the community and music venues sprinkled evenly around the city. Some of the major sights in the city involve SS Great Britain, Kenner and Avon Canal, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Zoo and the M shed. Located at a meagre distance of 20 km, for a day trip from Bath, the most time efficient option is the rails, taking hardly 15 minutes of average travel time. Other options include buses taking 45mins and cars taking about half an hour.

2. Chippenham

The ancient site of the royal residence during the Middle Ages, the present day witnesses Chippenham as an admistrative and historic county of Wiltshire. Lapped on the shores by the beautiful River Avon, a stroll down the streets of the place will give you the image that the town is frozen in time. Replete with cobbled alleyways and stoned roads, Chippenham will give you a window into the strength and glory of the past. One of the most famous churches in the vicinity is the St. Andrew’s Church, dating back from the 12th century. Some of the most famous sights include Lacock Abbey, John Coles Park, Chippenham Museum & Heritage Centre, Bowood House and the Burlington Bunker.The most comfortable and time efficient journey for a day trip from bath can be observed in a train taking 10mins. Other options include buses 30-35mins and cars taking less than half an hour.

3. Tetbury

An historic wool town, located just by the southern gateway to the Cotswolds, Tetbury is known for its beautiful architecture. Featuring the remnants of the wool merchants' houses surviving right from the 16th and 17th centuries, this place is another one that did not witness the passage of time. Take a walk on the cobbled Chipping Steps flanked from the lower Tetbury right to the Chipping, giving you the most beautiful views of the town. A shopping hub for those seeking a splurge, Tetbury is famous for independent shops, including antiques, vintage & interiors, exclusive boutiques & the Highgrove shop. Some of the most famous sites include Chavenage House, Tetbury Market House and Tetbury Police Museums & Courtroom.The most comfortable journey can be taken in a train taking 2h 45min. The most time efficient journey can be covered in a car taking 30-40mins. Another option is bus taking 2 and half hours.

4. Avebury

Though often skipped by the tour guides, this place is one that shouldn't be missed. It may lack the dramatic environment of the trilithons, but a visit to the place is just as rewarding. As you enter the place, you will come across the section hidden in the rocks. Walking down the beautiful footpaths winding around the place, you will get a chance to observe the unique preserved atmosphere of the place. Furthermore, Avebury gives you the opportunity to observe the encircling landscape in the prehistoric sites and the manor house complete with restored rooms, spanning to five completely different eras. The most comfortable journey for a day trip from Bath can be done through a train taking 1h 30mins. Other options include buses taking an hour and cars taking 45mins of road time.

To enjoy the place to its fullest, you need to device a map of places according to you. For the proper allocation of the nightlife, match your list with ours.

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