Best Day Trips from Bariloche

Best Day Trips from Bariloche

Best Day Trips from Bariloche

Located along the shoreline of Lago Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche has the perfect setting for vacations. The town offers a full pack of summer and winter activities around the country with the best chocolate of Argentina! The place is also the best focal point to start with exploring other gems of Argentina.

To get the best snaps of Argentina's beauty, these day trips tours should be a must on your to-do list while in Bariloche. For time-saving you can start with this list of the best day trips from Bariloche:

1. Tronador hill

Located amidst the Nahuel Huapi National Park is known as the highest mountain in Lake District, Tronador hill! While in here, stroll alongside the wavy streams, watch some breathtaking views and listen to the thunderous sound. The sightseeing options nearby are- Pilmayen and Melgarejo creeks, Gutierrez Lake, Mascardi Lake, Ventisquero Negro, Pico Argentino, Pico Internacional, and Pico Chileno. The hill is only 1h 45m away from the main city of Bariloche. Rented taxis and cars and local buses are easily available to get your adventure started.

2. Villa la Angostura

An upscale destination, Garden of the Patagonia or Villa la Angostura has pretty things to watch like the lakefront beach, its wooden and stone sculptures, and Los Arrayanes National Park. The town of Villa la Angostura is a peaceful town having many options to delight your hunger and your adventurous spirit. You can go for boat sailing, kayaking, hiking, fishing, and horse riding. The main attractions of the place are- Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes, the home of Arrayan trees. Appreciate the art by shopping at artisan fair; a skiing resort, Cerro Bayo; sail at Lake Nahuel Huapi, trek at Río Bonito and hike at Laguna Verde. Villa la Angostura is a 1 hour trip from Bariloche via car, taxi or bus.

3. La Ruta de Los Siete Lagos

The trail connects the town Villa la Angostura to the town of San Martin de Los Andes. The first lakes in the trail are Lago Correntoso and Lago Nahuel Huapi and are best known for kayaking and canoeing. You can have the perfect vistas over here. Lago Espejo Chico is the best stop for sunbathing and camping. Lago Traful is commonly called the hidden lake or the eighth lake of Seven Lake route. You can explore the simple town of Traful before heading further. The fishing spot at Lago Villarino gives the visitors a good catch and they hardly go disappointed. Lago Falkner is best known for tenting and camping activities alongside the beautiful lake. Pebbly shoreline and clear water at Lago Hermoso makes it perfect to start with kayaking. Next stop is Lago Machonico to make you appreciate the deep blue water while standing at wide Mirador. Lago Lacar at the Andes is our final spot. San Martin de Los Andes is the small town to meander around and take time to rest alongside the lake with some local food on the plate. It's better to either hire a tour for the trip or rent a car for the whole trip. It takes 1 hour 15 minutes to reach the first destination lake from Bariloche.

4. El Bolson

The chill town of Argentina, El Bolson is popular for crafting and artistic vision, hippie culture, agriculture with wonderful landscapes, and beer brewing too. And little outside the town, meet the nature at waterfalls, mountains, valleys or orchards. The main highlights of the town are- Feria Artesanal, Río Azul and Cajon Azul, Craft Beer, El Bosque Tallado, Paragliding, Cascada Escondida and Cascada Mallín Ahogado, Cerro Amigo, Parque Nacional Lago Puelo and much more. El Bolson is 1 hour 45 minutes journey from Bariloche via taxi or you can commute through regular local buses.

5. Puerto blest and the Cantaros falls

There is a long hike to the final destination! Start your sailing at Puerto Pañuelo, in the Llao Llao peninsula, and along the path enjoy the views of Centinela Island and Valdivian rainforest and after that, you reach the waterfall on Cantaros Lake. And just after a little walk, you reach Puerto Blest, the epic beauty. Also, visit green watered lakes- Blest Bay and the Frías Lake. It takes 1 hour 40 minutes from Bariloche to reach Puerto Blest. You can reach via bus or ride a ferry till the destination arrives.

There are many other options to go around from Bariloche and have your days spent beautifully with a rich experience full of wonderful memories!

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