Best Day trips from Barcelona

5 Best Day Trips From Barcelona

Best Day tours from Barcelona

Oodles of intermingled culture, fable inspiring architecture and the exquisite world-class drinking and dining scene, Barcelona has a history spanning to a while back. Brimming with towering temple columns, ancient city walls and cobbled pathways, this Spanish gem gives you a peek into the Roman-era Barcino. Along with architecture marvels that date back to centuries, this place is oozing with molecular gastronomy, celebrating the tradition of Catalan cooking. With the beaches under the Iberian sun and twenty four hour party, the city is full of activity. So as you wander through this dreamy European land, don’t miss out on its equally fascinating neighbouring towns and villages. Thanks to the efficient public transportation and an endless wayfaring of tours and tourism agencies, some of the best day trips from Barcelona are mentioned below:

Pal is one of the most picturesque places to visit for a day trip from Barcelona
1. Pals

If a journey through the past is what you desire, then a stroll through the streets of Pal is the need of the hour! With a plethora of stoned balconies, quaint arches and intricate façades lying in the maze of the cobbled streets, Pals gives you a window into the old civil life of the people. The perfect countryside village with a collection of many art & craft shops, traditional restaurants and local delicacies available to the visitors, Pal is one of the most picturesque villages in the vicinity and one of the best places for a day tour from Barcelona. Another attraction in the place is a sunflower field nearby, providing a great view from above the hill the village is perched upon. The fastest way for this commute is to take a cab or hire a car and drive taking you 1h 30min to reach your destination. Other options include taking a bus costing 2h 30mins and train taking 3 hours for the same journey.

2. Sitges

A popular getaway for the locals and the tourists, this bohemian and tolerant town of Sitges is packed with cafés, bars and restaurants in the alleys as well as in the alluring promenade by the Mediterranean. Though the small nice beaches in Sitges can get crowded too fast, the small ones nearby are a thing of beauty. It is one of the nice coastal towns where you can go to sit, relax and concentrate. Offering a wide choice of cultural offer, shops, restaurants and hotels, with the authentic touch, this place is one of the must visit location for a day trip from Barcelona. One of the most comfortable and affordable journey here is the train, taking 45 minutes. Other options include taking a bus that gets you to Sitges in about 40-45 minutes, or driving the way in half an hour.

Stiges is one of the must visit location for a day trip from Barcelona
Girona one of the best places for one day trip from Barcelona
3. Girona

Snuggled between the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava coast, Girona, specifically the Jewish quarter, is one of the most well preserved places in Europe. While you walk around on the streets of the quaint city, you will discover small secretive passageways, garden areas and the precious viewpoints allowing you to observe the beautiful city from the top of the ancient walls. Being a paradise for the photographers, this is one place where your camera won’t rest. Another thing the place is famous for is the shooting of the blockbuster TV series- Game of Thrones. One of the quickest ways to cover the distance is through a train, taking you just 45minutes for the traverse. Other options include buses taking 1h 45min and cars taking 1h 15 minutes for the same distance

4. Costa Brava

A beyond spectacular, rugged coastline towards the north-eastern edge of Spain, Costa Brava offers all that you can hope for in a beach vacation. Sprawling natural beauty, endless summer sunshine and ceaseless sandy beaches- all of this set amidst a permanently pleasant weather! Talk about contempo, high rise hotels or unspoilt fishing villages, from medieval towns boasting ancient castles to unsheltered rocky coves- this isle has it all. Being Hardly 70 km from Barcelona, for a day trip from Barcelona buses can get you from to Costa Brava in a little over an hour. Trains, though are quite economical, take about2 hours to reach. For car lovers, an hour drive would suffice.

from Barcelona, for a day trip buses can get you from to Costa Brava in a little over an hour
Delta De LEbre one of the best places to visit for a day trip from Barcelona
5. Delta De L’Ebre

Though best suited place for the nature lovers, Delta De L'Ebre is one place where everyone can have a peaceful time. With a wide collection of environmental landscapes including rivers, wetlands, lagoons, islands, rice fields and beaches, the place is a home for numerous flora and fauna. With one of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets across the continent, the park boasts colour palette which is unparalleled. Complete with huge rice fields and sandy beaches, Delta De L’Ebre is one of the places you can't afford to miss. One of the fastest ways of reaching the place for a day trip from Barcelona is by a car or cab taking you 2 hour 15 minutes. Other options include trains taking 2h 40mins and buses taking 2 hr 45mins.