Best Day Trips from Bangalore

Best Day Trips from Bangalore

Best Day Trips from Bangalore

The Silicon Valley of India is as much adored by travellers as by the geeky techies. Thanks to the perfect all year weather and a geography so gorgeous, Bangalore gets even the greatest cities of India jealous with its natural and man-made endowments! With a burgeoning drinking, dining and shopping scene, the city is set on a fun ride for the weary travellers who want it all perfect! A striking Victorian era architecture, beautiful gardens and friendly populace make Bangalore a city to live and just vacay in!

Sadly, a city as huge and commercially successful as this one, the traffic can be an eye sore. So after you done with exploring all things touristy, here are a few suggestions to keep your holiday mood alive and kicking. Try some of the wonderful day trips that you can plan while keeping your base in Bangalore. Check these out!

1. Mysore

Beginning with the obvious touristy ones, Mysore presents you a rage of architectural marvels that are hard to not gawk at! Talk about the Tipu Sultan era or British rule, Mysore endows spectacular palaces, gardens and temples from every time. Stealing the show is the Mysore Palace, a magnificent spire that is sure to leave you speechless with the lights on! Then there are Brindavan Gardens, St. Philomena’s Church and Jagamohan Palace to keep you engaged all through the day. You can even drive up to the Chamundi Hills, a set of marvellous temples offering a stunning view from atop. If kids are bored with too much history, take them to the Mysore Zoo.

At a distance of about 143 km from Bangalore, Mysore can easily be reached in less than 3 hours. You can take up a train or a bus, but the most rewarding journey is one in a car!

2. Bannerghatta National Park

One of the most sought after National Parks of the country, Bannerghatta is a Biological Reserve that houses a Butterfly Enclosure, An Animal Rescue Centre, A Safari Park, A Snake Centre and A Pet Corner! Its natural setting of forests is home to a great variety of Deciduous Trees and shrubs. Other than the zoo, this place has a bunch of ancient temples and many captivating hiking and trekking trails. At a short distance of 36 km from the main Bangalore city, Bannerghatta National Park can be reached after an hour’s drive.

3. Shravanabelagola

For the spiritually inclined and historically avid travellers, the temples of Shravanabelagola are a must when visiting Bangalore. A profoundly popular Jain pilgrimage spot, this place is most famous for its 58 ft. tall statue of Bahubali, one that’s carved out of a single stone of granite! Besides this one, another well frequented temple is Gomateshwara, perched atop the Vindhyagiri Hill at an altitude of 3347 ft.! Located 143 km from Bangalore, Shravanabelagola is barely 2.5 hours drive from the city. Alternatively, you can catch a train that get you there in about 2 hours ony.

4. Channapatna

Travelling with kids? You absolutely have to visit Channapatna! Famed all across the globe for its colourful wooden toys, Channapatna has most righteously earned the accolade of the Toy Land of Karnataka. Home to the greatest spire of the Vijayanagara Empire, the Temple of Varadaraja dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Channapatna offers an immaculate spiritual sojourn for a day outing from Bangalore. Then there is the Fort of Jagadevaraya family, another monument dating back to the 16th century. The temples of Lakshminarayana and Nilakanteswara are beautifully built too. At a distance of 67 km from Bangalore, Channapatna can be reached after a 1.5 hours drive. Other than that, there are many buses and trains frequenting regularly to the town.

5. Nandi Hills

A gorgeous drive on the NH7 highway leads you to what they call paradise on earth! Nandi Hills, an ancient hill fortress, offers a rejuvenating and peaceful respite from the noisy cacophony of city traffic. Most famous for its sunrise vistas, you get a plus plus if you leave early to catch a glimpse of the sun rising over the clouds; it’s beyond magical! Especially after the monsoons, the whole neighbourhood turns lush green and gorgeous, ideal for a trekking expedition! The most frequented spot by hikers and trekkers, make memories with the Nandi (The Bull) statue relaxing right at the doorstep of Yoganandeeswara Temple. Then there are places like Amrit Sarovar and Muddenahalli serving as shutterbug friendly destinations. At a short distance of 63 km, Nandi Hills can be reached in 1h 15m of drive. You can even take up the bus services that leave for Nandi in every couple of hours.

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