Best Day Trips from Bangkok

Best Day Trips from Bangkok

Best Day Trips from Bangkok

Bangkok is the epitome of excellence in way of its travel culture and nightlife. The bustling and always ‘quick on the trigger’ streets of Thailand’s capital give a great lookout for the hard work and dedication of their people. The best thing about Bangkok is that it serves as a home away from home where there is not a single moment of reprise from missing one’s motherland.

However, like all the well-developed cities of the world, Bangkok also suffers from huge traffic and honking vehicles, thereby, inciting the need for a getaway from the clutches of modern society and spend some moments of solace. And visiting these best day trips from Bangkok will help you in achieving your purpose:

1. Kanchanaburi

Stationed in western Thailand and about 143 kilometres from Bangkok is the beautiful town of Kanchanaburi. Talk about the Death Railway or honouring the Prisoners of War who died building the bridge over Khwae Yai River, this getaway from Bangkok offers you a deep dive into the history. It is filled with beautiful nature parks, the best being the Erawan National Park., a gorgeous hideout that displays waterfalls in the form of 7 tiers, with each new tier being a new adventure. Many people are seen swimming, with a lot more thrill seekers hopping upon scooters and roving here and there the whole day by renting them for a mere dollar! People who like to switch onto their scholar mode can visit the Thailand-Burma Railway centre, a place full of valid pieces of information about the prisoners of war. Train rides can get you to Kanchanaburi in about 2 hours. Buses and car rides would take more or less the same time to reach.

2. Bang Krachao

Rightfully known as Bangkok’s Green Lung is the artificial island of Bang Krachao, a well maintained jungle with proper pavements for cyclists and hikers. Located to the south of the city, this is the perfect getaway for people who like to breath fresh air and re-energize their spirits. Cycles are available on rent, which are almost impossible to drive in the busy streets of Bangkok. So grab your pair of hiking shoes and visit Bang Krachao which is easily accessible from Bangkok. You can get here by almost any conveyance of your choice. A 25 kilometre journey via the Si Rat expressway or a 10-minute boat ride from Khlong Toey Port will make you reach The Bang with a bang.

3. Ko Kret

Not essentially among the big guns of Thailand, the small isle of Ko Kret is full of surprises. From majestic and godly temples to nature kissing parks, it has got all the right magic tricks up its sleeves. Wat Borom Raja Kanjanapisek temple is a beautiful Chinese temple, one that is always stacked with tourists and worshippers, whose spiritual popularity and lucky charms are worth an experience. Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park drives attention to lush green field with a humongous pond perfectly engraved in the centre. Another fascination are the rural views and local weekend markets best suited for aggressive shoppers. Characterized by Mon population, the place is a taste friendly spot for the palate, with the most famous dish being Tort man, a deep fried fish patty. You can take a bus from Sanam Luang and then board any cross-river ferry which runs every 20 minutes.

4. Ayutthaya

The ancient capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya is the mosgt famous archaeological gem of a place, which has been granted the status of World Heritage by UNESCO. Wat Chaiwatthanaram is a magnificent Buddhist temple that has paintings depicting the life and practices of Buddha. Wat Lokaya Sutha is another eminent restored monastery with a reclining statue of Buddha, 42 metres high and 8 metres wide. The best thing about Ayutthaya is that it supports many heritage sights with each new sight being even more impressive than the previous one. You can embark on an 81 kilometre journey via Bang-Pa in Expressway or even take a two and half hour train ride from Chatuchak.

The city of Bangkok is not only limited to its busy interiors but also has an exterior which is worth exploring. So before you miss on a great opportunity to complete your trip to Thailand, extend your itinerary with these places!

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