Best Day Trips from Baku

Best Day Trips from Baku

Best Day Trips from Baku

Azerbaijan's capital, Baku, might not be in your list of best holiday spots around the world. But the amazing and unique stories that it holds are beyond comparison! An affordable and interesting city that it is, laying in between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, a trip to Baku is a perfect blend of culture.

The buildings, museums, beaches along with the old city contribute to the beauty of the place. But there are some other must-visit places which demand that are stationed outside the periphery of the city. So check out the best day trips from Baku:

1. Fire temple

17th century built, Fire Temple has four flames erupting within its walls and one large fearsome flame at the central. The place narrates some stories of the past regarding the status of fire in the Zoroastrian religion. This approx 2000 years temple is also known as Ateshgah by the locals. The temple opens from 10 in the morning till 6 in the evening. So, get your schedule fit to stroll around the Azerbaijani history and culture! The place is 20 mins away from the centre of Baku with cheap public transports available. The bus from Koroglu metro station drops you at Ateshgah. For more ease, you can hire a taxi.

2. Yanardag

The mysterious burning fire of Yanar Dag captures all the interest and thus, becomes one of the best day trips from Baku. Many great people like Marco Polo and Alexandre Dumas have witnessed the fire and it came as a surprise even to them how it blazes all through the day! This wondering feature of Yanar Dag is also narrated in the stories of the creation of Zoroastrianism. But now the credit can be given to the gas reserves of the place. The never-extinguishing 10m long wall of fire along the hill is impressive at night. It is believed by the locals that the fire is the result of tossing of cigarettes done centuries ago! Yanar Dag is a 25 minutes road-trip destination via car or taxi.

3. Gobustan

For the beautiful barren, scarred rockies and oozing mud landscapes, Gobustan is the best day trip from Baku. The region may seem dead at first, but has many souls living nearby. Mud volcanoes erupt literally with thick and cold mud which paints the landscape black and grey. Apart from this, the place takes you back to the era of evolution. Gobustan National Park is the main attraction of the place where around 40,000 years old stone drawings are preserved. And adjacent to it is a museum depicting the stories and meaning of all these drawings. So, why not look at early human rituals and lifestyle! The destination is an hour away from the centre of Baku with hired or rented taxis. No other transports are available except reaching to Tagyev Sort via train and from there, you can hire a taxi to land on Gobustan.

4. Bilgah beach

It is the most serene and cleanest beach along the Absheron's Caspian Sea. Sun-basking and lazing around the beach is always a day well spent! The entry to the Bilgah beach is free of cost. An exceptional area in Azerbaijan, Bilgah offers a lovely day out with nearby popular places like Amburn beach club and Sea zone Beach Baku. While visiting, leave nothing behind except your footprints! The beach is connected with the city of Baku via road trip of just 30 minutes which can be easily covered through hired taxi or car.

5. Shamakhi

Home to the Shivran dynasty, Shamakhi holds some beautiful and quaint pages of history. The place has many attractions and tourist spots like- upright defence of Shivran dynasty, Gulistan fortress; the seven domes of the mausoleum of Addy Gyumbez; aspiring Djuma Cathedral Mosque; and many more ruins of old centuries. Apart from history, the place is best known for its skills like wine making, carpet weaving and for its rich literature, architecture and science. Shamakhi also houses Azerbaijan's only snowy place- Pirkuli. You can reach Padar from Baku via train after which, taxis are available to take you to and around Shamakhi. Also, direct taxis are available from Baku for the destination. The journey to Shamakhi is of 2 hours from Baku.

There are other sightseeing places of Baku which demand to be checked out before leaving the place. Azerbaijan's capital, Baku, makes an amazing and full package trip for tourists seeking for mysteries and histories! So plan now!

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