Best Day Trips from Antwerp

Best Day Trips from Antwerp

Best Day Trips from Antwerp

Antwerp is the second capital for a small country of Belgium and popular enough to render a multitude of travel memories. The place attracts everyone from hardcore partiers to fashion icons, to art lovers and dealers. The cobbled stone streets and faint memories of past make Antwerp a vibrant city for tourists.

But, when finish admiring the history and culture of Antwerp, arrange few of the best day trips around Belgium with Antwerp as a base. The place offers an easy to access as many cities and places of Belgium. Here is a list to get you started with the best day trips from Antwerp:

1. Ostend

The city of the sea, Ostend is known for its 5-mile-long promenade alongside the beach. Delicacies of restaurants along with roaring bars and shops make this trip a must one! Even the ‘Midnight Love Tour' arranged to honour the legend Marvin Gaye is an amazing experience with the loved ones. Admire the street art, walk the parks and gaze at the light show! It takes at least 1 hour 15 minutes' drive to take you to the city of Ostend via train, bus or car.

2. Bruges

A UNESCO world heritage Centre, Bruges came into light after the Irish movie, ‘In Bruges'. Bruges is Belgium's one of the best winter city and worth a trip while in Antwerp. The best-known sites of the place are- the Medieval Belfry tower having 366 steps but all worth, Groeninge museum, the lavish Choco-Story and Museum-Gallery XPO Salvador Dali. Amid the exploration, don't forget to quench your thirst with local Burges Zot and have some Belgian chocolate. The place will make you drool! Bruges is an hour away from Antwerp and can easily be reached via train, bus or car.

3. Ghent

Ghent is the town to take you on a roller coaster ride of a rich culture! This canal-side town houses Van Eyck's oil painting in museums like The Design Museum. The finest work of Flemish architecture, vibrant bars, and delicious restaurants are the main highlights of the place. The St. Bavo's Cathedral is home to a lavish painting, 'The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb'. This colourful artwork depicts the story of Christ's death and Adam and eve. Overall, this picturesque city is worth a trip! You can visit the town of Ghent by taking a train, taxi or car from Antwerp in about 1 hour. Also, rideshare facility is available if you don't want to travel via public transport yet not alone.

4. Turnhout

Being the trade route of the medieval era, Turnhout became popular for weaving. The Dukes of Brabant, the rulers of the city, had their castle here. The 13th-century old monastery, Beguinage is a UNESCO listed site. Also, the church of St Peter is a remarkable church for the tourists looking for some Gothic culture. The journey from Antwerp to Turnhout can be measured via train, bus, taxi or car as per your requirements. The journey generally takes 30-45 minutes to travel.

5. Lier

Give this one an early morning kickstart, as the town of Lier has a lot to offer! Lier, the calm and peaceful city takes you away from the hustle-bustle of the city life. The Grote Market of the town has seen so much in the past; standing tall with the town hall on the east with its lavish decorations and staircase; Gothic Belfry, the remains of cloth hall; Vleeshuis, the meat hall; and the guild houses like Bakkershuis and Huis d'Eycken Boom. Apart from this Lier has Spanish Chapel and Stedelijk museum for tourists to explore. At last, visit the narrow streets and old cottages of Begijnhof. It takes around 20 minutes via train, bus, taxi or car to reach the city of Lier from Antwerp.

6. Mechelen

Mechelen, being a small town full of the aroma of Germany culture, makes one of the interesting day-trips from Antwerp. The medieval appearance of the old town is well preserved and built in a circular manner. The main tourists' attractions are the 16th-18th-century old houses of Grote Market; the antiquities of town hall including Lakenhalle; Sint-Rombouts cathedral and its high towered clock and Museum Huis De Zalm, which once was the house of fish dealers. Train, bus, rideshare, taxi or car, all are available to take you from Antwerp to Mechelen in just 30 minutes.

The city of Antwerp can take you all around Belgium, thus it's perfect to start your Belgium vacation!

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