Best Day Trips from Antalya

Best Day Trips from Antalya

Best Day Trips from Antalya

Antalya, a Turkish city situated right on the Gulf of Antalya, is the largest slice on Turkey’s western Mediterranean coastline, one that’s is a perfect blend of classic beauty and stylish modernity. A wonderfully preserved old city, it is a splendid mix of beautiful pristine beaches and traditional Turkish culture. The sprawling modern regions of this one hosts quite a number of things for a tourist to engage in, like archaeology museums, long sunny beaches, or a stroll in the old part of town also called Kaleiçi; Antalya will leave you speechless and be wanting for more.

However, it is also a good base for visiting nearby archaeological sites and historical spots, which makes for great Day Trips. So make sure to visit at least a couple of them. Here is the list of Best Day Trips from Antalya:

1. Phaselis

Phaselis, an ancient Lycian city located just an hour away from Antalya, is surrounded by three perfectly formed bays. Enclosed by spectacular mountains and clear blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, it makes quite a heavenly setting to spend a day relaxing on a beach and soaking in the Turkish sun. Shaded by the tall pine trees and calming turquoise waters, the pebbled and sandy beaches of this neighbourhood around the bay are just delightful. However, there is more to Phaselis than its golden sands of the shore. Explore the historic ports and visit the ancient ruins of Phaselis; walk along the main street of the port city and you will see ruins of houses, elaborate Roman baths and the once beautiful theatre from where you can see the Mount Olympos. However, there are no cafes or restaurants here, so make sure to pack your lunch and plenty of water before heading out there. You can reach this city by Antalya by boat or bus, taking a little over an hour to reach. You can even rent a car and reach barely in an hour’s time.

2. Pamukkale

Pamukkale is widely known for its shimmering milky calcite travertine (terrace), one that is replete with mineral-rich warm water on the mountains. Also known as the cotton fortress, it is Turkey’s premier mineral bath spa! Stroll down the travertine on a warm day to experience one of the most singular and unique experiences in Turkey! You can also bathe in these natural pools like the Romans used to do, and then maybe spend the rest of your day exploring the extensive ruins of Hierapolis, visiting the Archaeological Museum, and of course the great Roman Theatre. Pamukkale is also added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage (1988) due to the historical value of Hierapolis and its gleaming white travertine. The easiest way to get there is to rent a car and reach your destination in almost 3 hours and 30 minutes. Other than that, if you are an early bird, you can try the inter-city bus service and reach Denizli in 3h 20m, from where Pamukkale is another 30 minutes ride.

3. Kekova Island

Cruise the tranquil waters to the Kekova Island for swimming or snorkeling in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Famously known for its exceptional underwater ruins of sunken city Simena, an ancient city that submerged in the sea due to a series of powerful earthquakes, the region has quite become popular due to its stunning and natural beauty. Another highly recommended option to marvel at this sunken city is by renting canoes and exploring at your own pace. While it is forbidden to swim near the sunken city, you can take a dip at Tersane by continuing along the shoreline. Apart from the submerged ruins, you can also visit Kalekoy Village and enjoy lunch at waterfront restaurants, or maybe visit the historic fortress. You can reach the island by taking a bus or a boat. It will take you approximately 3h 15min by both. You can contact numerous travel companies to arrange a trip.

4. Side

One of the most popular day trips, Side is a quiet beach village, an hour away from Antalya. A charming old town with a beautiful harbour and laidback beaches, Side is a perfect blend of the old and new! You will find many impressive ancient sites like the towering Roman amphitheatre, or the famous temple of Apollo in this well-preserved town. Turn your relax mode on at the twin beaches with soft sands and turquoise waters; bask in the Turkish sun or maybe indulge in some adventurous water sports. This romantic town has something for everyone- waterfront restaurants, shops, bars, nightclubs, and quaint old houses that have been renovated to also act as lodges. Once a centre for trading slaves and olives in the ancient times, Side is now brimming with tourists flocking here from all around the world. There are many frequent buses running from Antalya to Side, taking a little less than 2 hours to reach there. You can even rent a taxi and get to your destination in lesser time.

5. Olympos

Quite an important city back in the 2nd century BC, Olympos is now popular for being a top choice of a beach resort for backpackers. Most revered as a hippie haven until recently, today countless no. of families with kids visit Olympos. Living in a “tree-house” styled camps along the ruins and beach is one of the most unique and enthralling experiences here. Another highlight and nature’s biggest curiosity, the eternal flame of Chimaera, is a series of eternal flame burning from the hillside of Mount Olympos, a phenomenon found just here and frequented by thousands. Natural gas escaping from 18 holes or more, it is known to be burning for more than thousands of years! Although not really visible at daytime, you can enjoy them at night under the stars; it is a 7 km trek from Olympos. Apart from this, you can relax on the beaches and also explore the ruins all around the city. You can reach there by minibus which will drop you 10 km away from Olympos. From there you can catch a dolmus to the city.

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