Best Day trips from Amritsar

Best Day trips from Amritsar

Best Day trips from Amritsar

Located in the state of Punjab, Amritsar is a culturally and traditionally rich town having the sacred shrine of Sikhism. The city is not only about shrines and religion, but there are also much more to explore here. The place is best known for its siesta and fiesta feel.

Though the town is a luring one but doesn't stop only here for your whole vacation. There are number of splendid gateways which can be visited in a day while in Amritsar. So, here is the small guide for you to start with the best day trips from Amritsar:

1. Jalandhar

Jalandhar is the town portraying the rich history of Punjab and also is the commercial hub. The city has the best of both worlds- new and old. Jalandhar is remarked by astonished industrial growth and decorated with historic buildings like Imam Nasir Mausoleum. The town also homes the sacred place of Gurudwara Chhevin Padshahi which contains the handwritten holy book of Sikhs. For adventure do visit wonderland and do taste the best of Punjab here! To reach the destination, train, bus, taxi, and cars are available and makes sure that you reach your destination within 1h 15m.

2. Hoshiarpur

Known to be the ‘land of saints', Hoshiarpur is rich in tradition and religion. The town enjoys a soothing climate as compared to others and blessed with lush green forests. This town reflects the euphoric lifestyle of Punjab through its celebrations and festivals. The main attractions of Hoshiarpur are- Sheesh Mahal, Takhni-Rehmapur Wildlife Sanctuary, and various temples. Mangoes are the main highlight of the town, therefore don't forget to take some as a souvenir for your friends! The direct route between Hoshiarpur and Amritsar can be covered via train, taxi or car in just 1h 40m. To reach the destination you can also go via Jalandhar.

3. Moga

Moga is known to be the spiritual and cultural destination for Sikhs and thus become one of the best day trips from Amritsar. The place is blessed with rich farming land and many holy sites. The main highlights of the town are- Dina Sahib Gurudwara, the Geeta Bhawan Temple and definitely the local cuisines. Enjoy the Sikh festival of Moga to get inspired by the warmth of local people and their love for music and dance. Moga is 1h 35m ride away from Amritsar. Car, taxi, bus, train are all available for commuting.

4. Pathankot

Located on the foothills of Dalhousie and amid the beauty of Himachal Pradesh, Pathankot shares the same scenic views as its neighboring town. The main highlight of the town is the hanging rest house at Shahpur Kandi. Other attractions of Pathankot are- Ranjit Sagar Dam, Shahapur Kandi fort, Nagni temple, Mukteshwar temple, and Nurpur fort. The picturesque sights and pleasing weather of the town lure tourists. Pathankot is 1h 40m away from Amritsar and is reached via bus, train, taxi or drive.

5. Faridkot

Faridkot was once known to be the capital of Punjab under British rule and now, despite not being the capital, it hasn't lost its charm over time. The old quaint buildings and structures of the town narrate the stories of old-time and India's independence struggle. From Darbar Ganj, palaces, forts to the clock tower, there are many historical views in Faridkot. Though the small town but has cultural and historical significance in India. Faridkot takes 1h and 50m to reach from Amritsar via taxi or drive.

6. Kapurthala

Kapurthala is a well-known town of Punjab and makes an amazing day trip from Amritsar. The city is well structured and cleaned and also the past and the present are well preserved here. Kapurthala is a manufacturing hub and blessed with the high production of rice and wheat. The main attractions of the place are- Sainik School, Panj Mandir, the Jagatjit Club, Elysee Palace, and Moorish Mosque. Kapurthala is 1h drive via car, bus or hired taxi from Amritsar.

7. Kathua

Being the part of Jammu and Kashmir, Kathua is a scenic place having picturesque views and delighted weather. The district of Kathua homes a small town Basohli which is well known for paintings and arts. The ancient shrines of Kathua, Dhoula Wali Mata and Jodia Di Mata, are the most appealing places for tourists and pilgrims. It takes 2 hours from Amritsar to reach Kathua via train, bus, taxi or drive.

All the towns and villages around Amritsar is an awe-inspiring experience and worth a visit in a lifetime!

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