Best Day trips from Alexendria

Best Day Trips from Alexendria

Best Day trips from Alexendria

Named after Alexander the Great, if you seek the stuff of legends, Alexandria is the place for you. The second largest city in Egypt, Alexandria is a living remnant of the Greek and Roman civilizations spanning a century back. A peek into the glorious part, one part of the city is fabled to be under water with the dynasty intact! One of the most elemental features of the place is the grand modern library of Alexandria sitting amid faded remnants of the once-grand seafront Corniche, symbolizing the city's latest incarnation as the capital. Circling out of the legendary city, you will find some of the most beautiful sites of Egypt. Here are some of the best day trips from Alexandria.

1. Cairo

A confluence of beauty and chaos, Cairo is one of the most bewilderingly beautiful places located in the heart of Egypt. Playing a microcosm to the entire Egypt, Cairo holds every aspect that Egypt has to offer within its boundaries. A great market for spices, perfumes, gold, silver, carpets, brass and copperware, leatherwork, glass, ceramics and mashrabiya; this is the perfect place to shop. The beauty of the dusty lanes lines with the colossal Fatimid and Mamluk gives you a surrounding you wouldn't want to part with. Located at a distance of 220 km from Alexandria, the best way to travel to Cairo is through the rails though taking a slightly longer travel of 3 hours. Other options include bus taking 2hours and cars taking 2h 15mins.

2. Hurghad

Once a tiny fishing settlement, Hurghada has today mushroomed into a resort city aiming directly for tourism. The perfect winter escape destination complete with sandy white beaches and blue skies round the year. Famous for its water sports, you will get to experience a world of opportunities with windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, swimming, and above all, snorkelling and diving. Another option to try is the deep sea diving, offering a beautiful underwater flora; this is the perfect place to try it out. Also known for its revelling character, the nightlife of the place is brimming with debauchery. For the purposes of a day trip, the best way for the travel is through a bus taking 3h 30mins of road time. Cars and taxis can take around 5 hours for the same distance.

3. Luxor

Claimed to be the world's greatest open air museum, the number and the level of preserved monuments in Luxor is unparalleled. A tourist hub, the place is ready and willing to accommodate tourists in its veins. Along with a plethora of the colourful signs of restaurants and cafes, the place is brimming with life. Also a famous shopping destination in Egypt, you will find bazaars where the usual variety of Egyptian souvenirs can be found for the friends back home. Though some claim it to be too tiring, a day trip to the place will be worth the pain. The only way you can take a trip to this place is to take a bus taking 5 and half hours.

4. Damanhūr

Named after the ancient Egyptian Timinhor, Damanhūr was known as Hermopolis Parva in Hellenistic times. Though often overlooked by travellers, this place highlights the contemporary culture of Egypt today, giving you a peek into the daily life of a native in everyday life. A remarkable living laboratory, Damanhur gives you a forty year research experience in spiritual, artistic and social fields with guests from around the world Located at a distance of 66kms from Alexandria, this city is not well connected to the rest of Egypt. To reach to Damanhur, you can take a cab or hire a private car taking you an hour to reach to the city.

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