Best day trips from Akureyri

Best day trips from Akureyri

Best day trips from Akureyri

If heading up north of Iceland, then Akureyri is definitely not a miss! The cold breeze, hot baths, white-topped mountains, and hot volcanic beds of the town never cease to amazing you.

Akureyri is best known as the unofficial capital of northern Iceland and many visitors take the place as a base to go around northern Iceland for more discoveries. So here is the short list to make you excited about the trip but in reality, Iceland's beauty cannot be penned down! Check out the best day trips from Akureyri:

1. Lake Myvatn

The vast fields of lava, volcanic fissure, scenic farmland, and the rich bird life is all that you can get in one place- Lake Myvatn. Situated in the northern region of Iceland, Lake Myvatn is one of the best day trips from Akureyri due to its diversity. Also, the place is famous for nature baths, so without the dive, your trip is incomplete! On the trip to this lake, you can explore many spots like- Goðafoss, the waterfall of the god with its stunning view of white and blue; Skútustaðagígar, the collection of false Craters; Dimmuborgir, the icy path leading to a beautiful story; Grjótagjá and the Tectonic Plates, the love cave featured in show ‘Game of Thrones'; Hverir, for the change of landscape to the moon; and finally Myvatn pools for floating in the Blue Lagoon of North! To reach Myvatn, you have to catch a bus or drive a car or from Akureyri for this 1 hour 30 minutes trip.

2. Diamond circle

The trip to this loop is something different! The Diamond circle day trip from Akureyri is top among the best and should be undertaken with caution. Huge lava fields, great canyons, soaring white-mountains, white cascading waterfalls are all highlights of the place. The main attractions of the place are- Húsavík for whale watching and bathing in Kalbakur pond; Tjörnes for looking at fossils and taking a small stroll on the beach; Ásbyrgi Canyon for beautiful cliffs and forest; Dettifoss Waterfall, the most powerful waterfall of Europe with its thunderous noise; and Mt. Herðubreið, the most adored mount of Iceland. You can enjoy the wonderful stops at this circle by driving or renting the taxi or taking the 1-hour bus journey.

3. Eyjafjörður Fjord

The tour to the region of Eyjafjörður fjord is known as whale watching location of Iceland. The sunlight and icy water of Iceland make it a perfect home to whales and it shelters around 20 species of them including- minke whales, sei whales, blue whales, humpback whales, and fin whales. So if you are looking for some quiet time and laying back then Eyjafjörður fjord is the best place to spend your afternoon. The town of Hjalteyri is only 25 minutes away from the main city of Akureyri. Rented taxis and cars are easily available to get your foot in the city.

4. Lofthellir cave

This natural lava cave is wonderful to explore while on the vacation to Akureyri due to their natural ice sculptures. These sculptures are made entirely from the water dripping. Located at the foot of Hverfell volcano, you have to take a small walk towards the cave exploring the lava field before you arrive at the cave. Don't forget t hire a tour as the entry is only granted with the guide! Buses commute daily for Lofthellir caves taking 1.5 hours to reach the destination. You can also go for the self-drive car to reach the location at the same time.

5. Trollaskagi peninsula

This untouched destination lying to the west of Akureyri offers you the most scenic road trip with wonderful views to capture. Trollaskagi peninsula provides you the gateway to cross the mountains by passing through tunnels and take you to the small fishing villages of the town. Lying on the tip of the peninsula, Siglufjörður is fishing hub known for its waters. This isolated place with pretty harbor is definitely not a miss! It takes 1 hour 40 minutes from Akureyri to reach Trollaskagi peninsula. You can reach via bus which will drop you at Dalvik and from there hire a taxi to reach the destination. For a direct route, rental cars are available.

There are so many landscapes to explore while in Akureyri and every excursion delivers more than promised. So before winding up, unwind as many places as you can. And nothing can be better than taking Akureyri as your trip base!

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