Best Day Trips from Aizawl

Best Day Trips from Aizawl

Best Day Trips from Aizawl

Aizawl, being the capital of Mizoram is a perfect gateway to experience one of the paradises of India and also, the town portrays the lifestyle of different ethnic groups. If you have already visited the Bara Bazar, Mizoram State Museum, Durtlang Hills, and Reiek Tourist Resort, then, now is the time for you to explore many more gems of Mizoram.

Aizawl is not only the administration center but also the center for arranging the best day trips tour. Here is just a small list of the best day trips from Aizawl to keep you going until you reach your final destination:

1. Bilkhawthlir

Natural beauty is what attracts tourists to the town of Bilkhawthlir. The district makes perfect hideout as a day trip from Aizawl. Serlui B Dam is the main highlight of the town because of its peaceful environment. Also, you can meander around the vast paddy fields like Chemphai for some breathtaking snaps and everlasting memories. While in Mizoram you can't afford to miss this scenic town! These two cities are connected via car and taxi. You need 1h 35m to travel to Bilkhawthlir from Aizawl.

2. Kolasib

If looking for the weekend getaway full of lush green fields and colorful orchards, then head towards Kolasib district of Mizoram. While in the town, enjoy the fresh sparkles of River Tlawng, the longest river of Mizoram. Katakha and Dhaleswari are the names given to the river by the locals. Also, the fishing experience is a must while in the town. Other attractions are – Dampa Sanctuary, Tamdil lake, and the Blue Mountain. You can reach Kolasib from Aizawl via taxi or car which is easily available for Kolasib. The journey is of 1h 15m.

3. Lunglei

Lunglei is the second largest city of Mizoram and makes a heck of a visit as a day trip from Aizawl. The place got its name from a bridge resembling stone. Lunglei is counted as one of the best city of Mizoram because of its picturesque views and places. The landscapes over here are majestic along with the lush green fields and soaring hills. The main attractions of the town are- Lunglei bridge of Rock; Serkawn, Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Nghasih stream, Theiriat Tlang, Saza wildlife sanctuary, and Thorangtlang wildlife sanctuary. It takes 3 hours to ride from Aizawl to Lunglei. Car and taxi are available at your discrete for the journey.

4. Ngopa

If you are looking for some sophisticated settlement away from natural beauty, then Ngopa should be your next stop. The place homes many ethnic groups but they all call themselves the ‘Ngopians'. Spend your time in the town by visiting 80th-year monument- Watch Tower; take a tour to F.K. Tea Estate for some refreshing tea; know the famous love story of the town at Tuani Lung, or just go for a hike at Lengteng Peak. The town is worth a visit from Aizawl if you're looking for some change. In Aizawl, taxis and cars are available till Ngopa and it takes around 3 hours to reach the destination.

5. Saitual

Visit the town of Saitual as a day trip from Aizawl to know the origins of the town and interesting tales about its past. The locals can take you around the cities by telling stories and you will be all lost not only in their stories but also in the quaint streets of the town. Saitual might get adjusted into your schedule but if not possible, then can easily be skipped. Saitual can be reached from Aizawl in minimum 1 hour 15minutes via rented or hired car.

6. Serchhip

Serchhip is a wonderful place lying between Mat and Tuikam rivers and houses Mizoram's highest waterfall along. For the wildlife lovers, the town is a paradise as it houses a wide range of endangered species. And not only this, the city showcases Thenzawl where Mizoram's handloom industry blooms. While in the town, enjoy the Vantawng waterfall; pay a visit to Stone memorial, Zolu Hriatrengna Lung; feel the power of love by visiting Chhingpuii Thlan; stroll at Thenzawl Deer Park; explore the Chawngchilhi Puk cave for some adventure. Taxis and cars leave frequently for Serchhip from Aizawl. The whole journey will take minimum 2 hours to wrap up.

Doesn't matter which corner you are in while in Mizoram, you can never get disappointed due to its scenic views and splendid aura! So, get yourself a pair of shoes and a lively spirit to explore the best of Mizoram!

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