Best Day Trips from Aarhus

Best Day Trips from Aarhus

Best Day Trips from Aarhus

Aarhus, the second biggest city of Denmark, is also one of the best entertaining cities in the world with its Fiesta and siesta aura. The town also becomes the best place to start exploring other accessible spots in Denmark. So, get your shoes on for some amazing day trips from Aarhus. Here is the list: -

1. DjursSommerland

DjursSommerland is counted as the biggest amusement part of Scandinavia and the place is one of the best day trips from Aarhus. So, if you are traveling with kids, then this park is the biggest hit! Here you can enjoy as many as 60 different adventurous activities for children and elders! Sommerland offers playing areas, waterparks, slides and a themed area for everyone. So if you crave for adventure, then this is all you need! The destination is 45 minutes away from Aarhus and can be easily reached by taxi, car or public bus.

2. Rosenholm castle

This fairytale castle was built in 1559 and its beauty still has the same charm. Rosenholm castle stands tall amid the waters on a small island which was once taken from the king by Rosenholm family. This fully furnished castle with all the antique furniture, tapestries and paintings gives the perfect picture to visitors looking for some old memories of noble family. Rosenholm castle is indeed a beautiful Danish manor and is a must-visit! The town is 30 minutes away from Aarhus. The best ways to reach here is either via taxi, car or bus.

3. Thorsager

Thorsager, translated as Thor's field, is one of the amazing day trips from Aarhus. The townhomes one of Denmark's Seven oldest medieval aged round church- Thorsager church. The church is the only round church in Jutland and is considered one of the oldest brick building there. The magnificent architecture and details of the church are worth noticing and visiting. To reach the destination, taxi, cars, and buses are available and makes sure that you reach your destination within 30 minutes.

4. Legoland

Lying in the southwest of Aarhus, this amusement park is known for its uniqueness. Legoland can really make you feel amazed with that walk through the miniature world where all the famous buildings and capitals are built with Lego bricks. Just the interesting fact- it took 20 million Lego bricks to build this land! This insane 4D imagination zone of Scandinavia allows visitors to have fun and enjoy the activities and attractions! You need to take a local bus or taxi to reach the town Vejle, from where, you can take a bus to Legoland. Direct buses and cars are also available to reach the destination without any fuss.

5. Odense

Odense is the small town of Denmark open for visitors who seek the culture and lifestyle of Denmark. Apart from this, the town is known as the birthplace of popular fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen and houses a museum under its name. But not only the museum, the whole city feels like a fairy place where you can walk around the city seeing different colors spilled all over. Other attractions of the village are- Funen village, the open-air museum; Danish railway museum and other museums. Aarhus and Funen are connected by 2 hours long journey which can be covered via train, bus or drive.

6. Endelave

If you are looking for some peace and quiet surroundings, then Endelave is your calling. Being the hub of wildlife, Endelave houses a large population of Seals and other reef animals. This untouched destination of Denmark welcomes tourists to its beach, meadows and oak forest. From Aarhus, you can head towards Endelave either in train or taxi. It takes 2 hours 20 minutes to reach the destination.

7. Copenhagen

To name a few, Copenhagen is famous for its waterside townhouses, restaurants, a boat ride along the canal, little mermaid, its royal manors, and its beauty. While here arrange a tour around Tivoli gardens, the greatest theme park in the entirety of Europe and a muse behind Disney world; go around the Rundetarn to get amazing snaps of the city from above; explore Rosenborg castle; visit the Den Bla Planet aquarium and enjoy the scenic views of colorful houses. It takes around 3 hours via car, bus, train to reach Copenhagen from Aarhus. Other options available for the journey are train and bus.

The vibrant places and cities of Denmark will keep you enchanted throughout your journey. So, get started with a bag pack!

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